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    Cofer & Associates provides compassionate and zealous service to child custody clients. We understand that family dynamics are complex.

    We have family law and custody experience you can rely on. Regardless of your situation, we are lawyers committed to fighting for custody of your children.

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Tarrant County Child Custody

We fight battles for child custody, visitation, grandparent’s rights. Filing for custody of a child can start a battle in family court. The child custody lawyers at Cofer & Associates treat clients with respect and work from day one to develop effective strategies based on experience and knowledge of child custody laws. Whether fighting for sole custody of a child, joint child custody, or child support, we advocate and guide you through the difficult child custody process. Child custody orders allow enforcement of legal custody and can protect your child custody rights.

"Passion and skill are essential to winning custody fights."
-Cody L. Cofer

Sexual Abuse Allegations...

Custody cases can be complicated, but if there is a sexual abuse allegation the complexity and seriousness substantially increases. The attorneys at Cofer & Associates have vast experience with cases involving sexual or family violence allegations.
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Joint Custody…

Shared parental rights and duties are awarded in most child custody cases. Texas public policy favors both parents involvement in raising children. However, child custody orders awarding joint custody can vary greatly. A skilled child custody lawyer can fight to protect your relationship with your children.
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CPS Cases...

“CPS” can be the most frightening three letters a parent ever hears. The Child Protective Services system can be confusing and your chances of success can be much less if you don’t get skilled CPS case attorney on your side immediately. Even if a case is closed it can result in a stain on your record with a CPS history, forever.
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